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Title: https://bedblock.co/
URL: https://bedblock.co/
Description: The Bed Block lifts your sheets, allowing your feet to rest in their natural position, resulting in greater relaxation from the calf to the lower back. We spend more time sleeping than we do anything else in our lives. By achieving more rest, you are setting yourself up to be a better you in everything you do: a better spouse, parent, employee, and more! By allowing the ankle and foot to rest comfortably, muscles and tendons have a greater ability to heal and renew. I developed the Bed Block after rolling my ankle in a rec league softball game. My swollen ankle, coupled with a frostbite injury from my Army days in Germany, required a unique product to help me heal. I needed to protect my feet from the pressure of the sheets, while also keeping my feet warm when I slept. This scenario had me cutting up random things in the garage to try and create something that a few prototypes later, is now the Bed Block. My ankle is long since healed, but I still sleep with my Bed Block every night. Now I offer my better sleep to you.
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