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Title: Gaming Equipment Reviews
URL: https://thedawnofgames.com/
Description: If you play a lot of FPSs your aim should be decent enough to handle the low ranks of CS:GO. There is the matter of crosshair placement though. Your crosshair should always rest on where the enemy’s head should be. That way you can always get a headshot without having to move your mouse much thus giving you a better chance of killing someone with a headshot. Your aim should also be something that you constantly practice. Your aim only gets better with practice and worse with leaving it alone. Once you get in the habit of playing CS:GO daily you won’t have to worry about aim that much because you’ll slowly get used to the recoil of every gun and adjust your aim accordingly. As for how, when, and where to throw nades, that’ll only come with playing the game because every situation is different and depending on the type of push you perform you’ll need different nades in different places. A good way to learn common nade spots is to watch CS:GO on YouTube. You can watch any of the pro players like Summit1G, Stewie2k, Dupreeh, or Xyp9x. Just focus on how these players throw their grenades and you’ll soon learn how to do that same. Watching pro league helps as well.
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