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MIG welders

Title: MIG welders
URL: https://www.migwelders.ie/
Description: If you don’t mind a lower quality welder but want more diversity in your MIG welding, we recommend the LOTOS MIG175 175AMP Mig Welder. It has some handy features like the aluminum spool gun that’s included. Most MIG machines are capable of welding aluminum, but they won’t feed the soft aluminum wire without a specially designed spool gun. The spool gun that’s included feeds the wire smoothly, so it comes out without folding in the lead. The machine itself doesn’t include a long warranty, but it’s an affordable machine that is known to outlast the warranty long after it expires. The quality of the weld isn’t to the Miller standard, but it’s not too far behind and will produce some tidy beads on any kind of weldable metal. It produces mostly spatter-free welds too—as long as you run the welder to the correct settings. There is usually a small amount of spatter, but nothing compared to other poor-quality machines. The leads and welding gun aren’t the best we have seen. The connector is an unusual type that standard guns won’t fit, so it’s not straightforward replacing it. However, the machine isn’t designed for industrial work, so it shouldn’t need a high-quality aftermarket torch. If you’re a serious welder wanting a decent machine for doing work at home, the MIG175 is a machine we recommend considering. Particularly if you plan to MIG weld aluminum.
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