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urgent care Redondo Beach

Title: urgent care Redondo Beach
URL: https://oceanmedicalredondo.com/
Description: We carry a handful of medications in house for purchase to save you a trip to the pharmacy after your visit. Additional services include laboratory testing, ultrasounds, and echocardiograms, digital x-rays and an in-house pharmacy. If you are feeling under the weather, we have tests and the ability to treat colds, flus, bronchitis and pneumonia symptoms. If you cut yourself, we have the professionals and tools to stitch and mend any laceration you may have. Need a lab test today? No need for long waits at the waiting room for medical tests. We test for a variety of blood tests, including but not limited to STD testing. We’ve worked with schools around the area for years doing school and sports physicals. Bring in your paperwork and eyeglasses if you wear them! Early detection and treatment of diabetes is crucial to keep people with diabetes healthy. It will enable us to reduce the risk of serious complications such as premature heart disease and stroke, blindness, limb amputations, and kidney failure. During specific times of the month, we provide echo cardiograms and ultrasounds to be done in house. If you are needing clearance for special driving permits we are able to see you and have looked over by a doctor on staff. Just bring your paperwork! It is important to maintain your blood pressure to prevent further health issues. Have your blood pressure checked today! All of our doctors are able to do a complete physicals for preventative care or if you work requires it. It includes blood work, a full exam by a doctor. Women go to the doctor not only when they are sick, but also for preventive health care. With age, you experience new challenges. Our physicians will help you understand your personal health risks, how to avoid them and how to stay healthy.
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