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accounting software

Title: accounting software
URL: https://billingsoftwareindia.in/
Description: Now our billing software can generate Point of Sale receipts which speeds up customer processing and lowers paper costs. Our alogrithms supports most of the PoS printers available in the market Built-in SMS Server and Email Gateway allows you to send SMS/Email directly from our biling software which allows to communicate better with customers and increase brand awareness. We understand the importance of business data while moving and for this reason we provide Android App to our customers which allows them to check business data on their smartphone. At Hitech we understand the importance of business data and for securing it we provided one of the most advanced auto backup functionality in our billing software. Automation is the key of reducing business costs and hassles that's why our billing software comes with most advanced full automated fingerprint based attendance system. Introducing our new generation Dual Channel Printing Engine which allows to generate multi-size invoices at the burst rate of up to 10 per second.
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