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Title: neidrademery.com
URL: https://neidrademery.com/
Description: Neidra NeNe Celena Ketch Demery has launched her flambious designs by techniques of embellishments perfected through her own personal envisions as she enters into the world of fashions. Neidra NeNe Celena Ketch Demery personal vision, taste and creative ideas and style was developed within. Her fashion coach and mentor Tracy Rease, Kim Goldson, Donna Karren, Eric Gaskins, and Andrea Lyamah. The love and support she received from her mentor's has been truly enriching and she cannot thank them enough for their loving support through the years. Neidra followed the coaching skills and techniques that they offered as a fashion role model in nurturing and welcoming the new designers to the industry. Neidra NeNe Celena Ketch Demery was intrigued by the beautiful hard work produced in designing workshops, mills, and factories that she had a privilege to visit during her designing studies.
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