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Portland roof and gutter cleaning

Title: Portland roof and gutter cleaning
URL: http://eagleroofcleaning.com/portland/
Description: Portland is known for rain and if you need anything to grow moss it is rain! There are three main ingredients to grow moss on a roof, which are: Rain, Shade, and a Cool Climate. Portland has these exact and perfect moss growing conditions about 9 months out of the year. Here is a list of some areas where you should be on the lookout for roof moss growth: Regions of your roof that don’t get sunlight Under tree branches that grow over your roof In roof valleys Around chimneys, skylights Near pipes and vents Even if you see your roof everyday, moss can go undetected for quite sometime. It can grow under and behind areas that aren’t easily seen from the ground, which makes it harder to detect. That is why we highly recommend routine inspections by an experienced roof cleaner. It is common to not be able to identify Portland roof moss growth by sight from the ground. Unless there are huge growth that has been going for a while it is common to think of minor growth as nothing hazardous. But just because there isn’t big green mounds doesn’t mean there is no need to be alarmed. There are many species of greenery that can grow on your roof and they all can equally cause major damages to your residential or commercial roof. Our moss removal Portland specialists have years of experience identifying and removing the variety of moss that grows in the Pacific Northwest. If you have had recent leaking, water damage, mold development due to moss growth or want to prevent any of these symptoms then please call us right away! Since we are experts on all subjects of roof cleaning we also offer gutter cleaning service while we are up there too!
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